Peter Robinson, « Pronto Proto »

Du Jeudi 14 septembre 2017 au Samedi 28 octobre 2017.

Artistes :

Peter Robinson


La galerie Emmanuel Hervé est heureuse de présenter l'exposition personnelle de Peter Robinson «Pronto Proto».

Peter Robinson's new work is perhaps best described through negative definitions. It is anti-monumental, does not subscribe to high production values or heroic gestures and resists being easily interpreted. Subtlety,  modesty and lightness of touch and are qualities that are put forward instead. A kind of proto-language is suggested one in which the both the letterforms and syntax still seem to be within the process of formation. The installation feels rigorous and intentional but in the same breath highly subjective placing it in a strange space between reason and intuition. Although adhering to gallery conditions the work is casually presented indexing Robinson's  method of making his work in situ. This has the effect of blurring the boundaries between production and presentation, the studio and gallery essentially softening the authority of the white cube.

Galerie photo de l'exposition - Diaporama

Vue de l'exposition. Photo : Aurélien Mole
Vue de l'exposition. Photo : Aurélien Mole