Aurélien Fouillet, Fabien Trécourt, "And the world became play"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at 07 PM, Free admission


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The world is changing. Our societies are « in crisis ». Multiple playful practices are creeping into the cracks of what has traditionally founded community life. Dating sites, online role playing, zombie walks, cosplays, comic books, social networks, the Candy Crush Saga, Ingress are as many signs that playing is making a strong comeback. These practices may appear futile or frivolous, but more interestingly, they say something about forms of postmodern sociality. World of Warcraft raises questions about management techniques, Fablabs does the same with the industrial model, online games with processes of collective inquiry, the application Tinder with modes of relationship among couples, augmented reality with our relation to the real.

Far from an escape away from social life, the passion for playing points to a genuine reenchantment, an enriched imagination, new forms of sociality. The multiplication of iconic figures, humorous sequences and the ephemeral celebrity of some stars illustrate this to the point of tragedy or absurdity. Tales and legends of postmodernity are to be found everywhere—in scandal sheets, films inspired from real stories or the indiscretions of famous men, endless chronicles of film production on the Internet. Welcome to the world as casino.


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Fabien Trécourt, Michel Maffesoli, Aurélien Fouillet

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