Chris Kallmyer, «FERMENT, a cheese tasting with musical accompaniment».

Thursday, May 21, 2015, at 07 PM, free admission, performance in english.


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Cheese Theories

The cycle meetings titled “Cheese Theories” proposes taking a look at cheese from different theoretical angles. Production processes, conservation methods, technical limitations of an unstable product, study of the influence of forms on the perception of taste, analysis of the bacteriological environment in production methods, and etymology and place names of products. Historians, artists, scientists, writers and researchers will all come and introduce their works and research to do with cheese and its many different forms as part of this first cycle of meetings, brainchild of Nicolas Boulard.

Chris Kallmyer, "FERMENT, a cheese tasting with musical accompaniment".

Chris Kallmyer is an artist who works in sound installation, composition, performance, and electronic music. His work deals with how sound can explore and articulate the dynamic between the natural and the built environment. Working with everyday things like cheese, lawnmowers, sheep or car horns in site-specific contexts, he aims to make pieces that explore the processes, customs, and environments through which humans have altered landscape and place.

FERMENT is a concert that explores milk’s leap into cheesehood. You will experience three sensory pairings between sound and cheese including field recordings of the cheese making process, oral history from dairy farmers, and perceptual experiments with sense and memory.  The project has been presented in spaces from museums to small homes and this is the first time presented in Paris with recordings of California cows.


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Cheese Theories

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