Reading and conversation with Tarik Kiswanson and Jesi Khadivi

Date : Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Free entrance

Theme : all windows of my rooms let me see and let all others see me

To listen to the talk: follow the link France Culture Plus.

As part of the exhibition Come, come, come of age.

A reading and conversation with Tarik Kiswanson and Jesi Khadivi.

The pursuit of closeness, of coming closer, permeates the poetic logic of the artist Tarik Kiswanson’s writing: both in its structure and in its exploration of the human condition. Whether through windows or screens, the world that Kiswanson creates in his poetry is one in thrall to constant paroxysms of expansion and contraction. A world so close that you could carry it within your body, yet so vast that it can only be experienced through connection, in communion with forces that at times seem to be working against you. This tension, this borderline between the self and the other, history and the future, even the borders that exist within an individual his or herself, ripples through his writing.

On April 17th, Kiswanson has read a selection of his poetry, which has been followed by a conversation with the exhibition’s curator Jesi Khadivi that touches upon the relation between the artist’s writing and artistic practice.

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Mother Form, 2018, Tarik Kiswanson. Photo: Aurélien Mole
Jesi Khadivi, Tarik Kiswanson
Tarik Kiswanson
Jesi Khadivi
Tarik Kiswanson

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