Rien ne nous appartient : Offrir

Rien ne nous appartient : Offrir

From Tuesday, March 28, 2017 to Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Curated by Flora Katz.

With : Eva Barto, Hélène Bertin, Morgan Courtois, Tristan Garcia & Agnès Gayraud, Rochelle Goldberg, Pierre Huyghe, K.r.m Mooney, Pierre Paulin

Nothing belongs to us: Offer begins with a feeling. Torn between the observation of a reality which is asking to be enlightened, and the desire that a work should always have a darker side. At twilight, the partly lit bodies escape meaning and draw us in. They are calling out to be understood, but equally their approach is uncertain and there’s no promise of an ending played out in advance. Along this path can be found the possibility of voids, or events.

Nothing belongs to us: Offer aims to continue with this uncertainty. Contrary to a direct light that claims to block the unsettling effects of indistinct bodies, the project wants to go along with it. The environment, production conditions, those that watch it, will be played with the work like a moving ensemble where elements experience each other. Like a spy that takes advantage of a situation, the elements, human or not, that enter the ensemble can take part in it, seize some of the parts, and leave.

Nothing belongs to us: Offer is the fruit of a residency. Searching for a zone of uncertainty, the participants have been brought together beforehand. The place and conditions of the exchange reflected the intention; a utopia, almost. In intimate times, the missing share of reverie and idleness in the exhibition’s recent history raises questions. Treating different mediums, coming from different regions of France or from the other side of the Atlantic, each person has moved away from his central point, then, step by step, has played out his ideas in other conditions. This way of working with the vicinity, overlaps and crossing points has led to a joint decision for the project and has been a driving force for individual works.

Since nothing belongs to us, we will never stop wanting to offer.