Itzhak Goldberg, «Installations»

Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at 07 PM, Free entrance


Listen to the conference on France Culture Plus : Itzhak Goldberg present his book, Installations.

“Installations have been part of the aesthetic landscape for over half a century yet they are still seen as problematic by the public. Staged installations dispute the existence of entrenched barriers between museum settings and everyday life and abolish the frontier between the work and the space it is set in. They cannot be reduced to the traditional experience of looking at a work front on; rather, they aim to arouse a sensorial experience triggered by the viewer's own movements.
The viewer, often unsettled by the trajectory imposed on him by the work, comes to realise that installations are characterised by their dismantling of barriers between artistic practices, from sculpture, assemblage and architecture to theatre, music, and new media. It seems to be the case that what enables such visual art to act as a kind of seismograph of modernity, or even post-modernity, is its hybridity. The conference will look back at the origins of installation art and their role in exploring social issues such as commemoration, feminism, and regional conflicts, among others.”
Installations. Paris: CNRS, 2014

Itzhak Goldberg is Professor of Art History at the University of St Etienne. He is  also a critic for the Journal des Arts and regularly curates exhibitions.

Main publications :
Jawlensky ou le visage promis, Paris, éd. L'Harmattan, coll. « Ouvertures philosophiques », 1998.
Le Visage qui s’efface — de Giacometti à Baselitz, Toulon, Hôtel des Arts, 2008.
Installations, Paris, CNRS Editions,  2014
And many articles in catalogs and reviews.


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Paris, CNRS Editions,  2014

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