Elodie Petit and Jeanne Moynot / Dector & Dupuy

Monday, June 12, 2017, at 07 PM, Free admission


Performances proposed by Christian Alandete: Watch the performances online.

This last session of the sixth season of Partitions (Performances) proposes original creations by two duos working together on ways to exchange, bounce, progress ideas. It is during this ping-pong of words that two types of discourse are formed: one based on the principle of a deviation, a gap, making it possible to reveal a certain poetry in what is ordinary; the other proposes to follow parallel paths that finally come together.
Dector & Dupuy / Deux chats dans une caisse à poisson (Two cats in a fish tank)

Dector & Dupuy’s interventions arise from the careful observation of poetic accidents taking place in town, from an off-centred outlook on the sensory world through imagery that only an artist’s eye can reveal. Concentrating on micro-events, traces, and other poetic objects carried unknowingly within the land in which they take place, this artistic duo invites us to study our immediate environment using detail. The performance they have prepared for Partitions (Performances) “will draw on location searches, some very close, some more distant. And the most recent will activate the oldest. Using images, our words will spread circles, waivers, objects, happiness …”

Dector and Dupuy have been working together for about thirty years. They studied at the Ecole des beaux-arts in Bourges, followed by the UFR d’Art plastiques at Paris 1 – Saint-Charles university. After essentially pictorial work (“blacked out” slogans), they turned their work towards very varied productions, which were still based on deviations and location searches in the towns where the exhibitions take place. Since 2003 they have proposed about fifty guided visits or conferences (Angoulême, Besançon, Château-Gontier, Maastricht, Mantes-la-Jolie, Méréville, Metz, Mulhouse, Munich, Nantes, Nice, Noisiel, etc.)
Jeanne Moynot and Elodie Petit / Grande crue

How do you kiss? Which salmon should you buy? Which ice pick should you use to climb the mountain Eros? Jeanne Moynot and Elodie Petit speak out together for the first time. Grande Crue is the opportunity to make their voice heard and to share their common interest for extravagance, a rough tongue, the bucolic nature of night clubs. They demonstrate that roles in society are perfectly versatile and that they can be turned around in a flash. In a cross dialogue where they each tell their tale, they are, in essence, talking about the same thing: pure love.
Jeanne Moynot was born in Versailles in 1985. She graduated from Villa Arson in 2009. She creates multidisciplinary projects combining performance and installation, that she regularly exhibits in France and abroad (National Museum of Bucharest, 3bis4, Tripode, Centre Pompidou, Musée de la Chasse).
Elodie Petit was born in 1985 in Colombes. In 2010, she graduated from Lyon in fine art. She writes liberated literature which she regularly publishes in the form of fanzines (les éditions douteuses) and she contributes to different magazines (Mouvement, Nioques, Frappa, Féros, Terrain Vague…)



Dector & Dupuy / Partitions Performances 12/06/17 Part 1/2

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Elodie Petit & Jeanne Moynot, Grande Crue
Dector & Dupuy, Deux chats dans une caisse à poisson
Dector & Dupuy, Deux chats dans une caisse à poisson
Elodie Petit & Jeanne Moynot, Grande Crue

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