Rébellion de l'Imaginaire

Thursday, October 5, 2017, at 07 PM, Free entrance


New lecture of the Invitation to the Imaginary, presented by Michel Maffesoli.

Michel Maffesoli, in the company of novelist and essayist Laurent Flieder, offers a chat on the work of Frédérick Tristan, revolving around his book: Une vie au péril de l’écriture, published by L'Esprit du Temps.

Novelist (Prix Goncourt for Les égarés in 1983) and essayist Frédérick Tristan offers an initiatory journey exploring the contemporary world. Baroque sensibility, and even an “orientalization” of the world are given pride of place! Beyond a narrow reality, the intrusion of the dreamlike introduces us to a much broader reality, the one that—from Carl Gustav Jung to Gilbert Durand—through the imaginary, makes it possible deeply explore the labyrinth of experience.


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