Paul Heintz / Pauline Le Boulba

Monday, December 10, 2018, at 07 PM, Free entrance


Performances proposed by Christian Alandete.

Christian Alandete invites Paul Heintz et Pauline Le Boulba. 

Paul Heintz / Digicodes

Suite for piano, composed by musically transposing the note-pitches of one hundred entry codes for buildings in Paris.

Conception, graphic design: Sébastien Trihan / Text: Jean Haury / Piano: Nicolas Peigney / Narrator: Pierre Hilpert. Supported by Château Éphémère.

“In 2014, I worked as a delivery cyclist in Paris. From the seller to the customer, I used smartphone applications to receive orders. The company tracks the deliverer’s performance through his GPS trail. The deliverer delivers. The deliverer is left to his own devices. This is the experience that gave rise to the Digicodes project. The codes, which usually consisted of three numbers and a letter, where a kind of mystery. I couldn’t help wondering if they had a particular meaning, like a private cosmology making up urban space. Those virtual keys resonated like a question: what lies behind those doors?” By diverting those private security devices, Paul Heinz offers to our ears the micro-displacements of fingers on a keyboard, inviting us to insinuate ourselves into places to which we have no access – as long as we are able to decode this new key.


Pauline Le Boulba / La langue brisée (1)

“I like to imagine choreographic works as friends, places to wander, or as shores to set off from. Since 2015, my approach has been to try developing life forms out of other people’s work. For me, it’s about conceiving emotional and gestural hypotheses in reaction to dances I’ve seen. Watching a piece, a dance, and then sharing my perspective on it with others. Inventing work based on someone’s work. Responding to a dance by dancing.

In La langue brisée (1), I share a choreographic translation of my reaction to Two Discussions of an Anterior Event, a piece by Jennifer Lacey (2004), based on memories and on the emotions I felt. This solo performance created in 2015 was the starting point for a series of pieces that converse with other works.”


Paul Heintz was born in 1989 in Saint-Avold. He holds diplomas from ENSA Nancy, EnsAD Paris and Le Fresnoy. His work, which is expressed through objects, sound, video and installations, has been presented at contemporary art events and film festivals such as Paris Nuit Blanche, the Salon de Montrouge and the FIDMarseille. 

“Paul Heintz’s field of action is a strange set of cases in which reality is largely infused with fiction, and where social normativity still carries its full weight. There is a special toxicity in imagination and fiction when their charm is allied with a social norm, as is the case with storytelling for example. From there, Paul Heintz enters into the logic of fiction, pursues it further, and through this prolongation, opens the door to a life-saving breeze.” Emmanuelle Pireyre


Pauline Le Boulba is an artist and researcher in dance. Her work explores discourse on/from dance, and attempts to offer new ways of looking at the pieces, conversing with them, dancing based on them. She conceives her performances and objects (essays, poems, rap) as critical responses to other works. Her artistic research is articulated within a reflexive field that was the subject of a thesis at Paris 8 Danse, supervised by Isabelle Ginot and entitled “Les danses des spectat·eur·rice·s. Réceptions performées et critiques affectées”.

She has presented her work at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, the Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain in Brest, the Centre national de la danse in Pantin and La Terrace espace d’art in Nanterre. Her texts have been published in the magazine À bras le corps, in Le Journal des Laboratoires, in the journal Recherches en danse, and in the Quebec magazine Intermédialités.

Her work feeds on regular collaborations with other artists, including as a dramatist for Paul/a Pi’s Ecce (H)omo (2017), Anne Lise Le Gac’s La caresse du coma (2018), and Sorour Darabi’s Savušun (2018). 


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