La cessation of activity of a SARL, decided collectively by its partners, is a procedure that can be made online. Two solutions are then available to partners: they can manage all the legal formalities themselves on the Internet or “outsource” these procedures to a professional. If the latter opt for a web platform in order to reduce costs, it is recommended to check that human assistance is possible if necessary. Accompaniment is indeed important in this operation which can prove to be complicated. Here is how to close a limited liability company online.

close sarl online

Options for finalizing the online dissolution of an LLC

First of all, one point deserves some clarification. There fenced dite « friendly«  by Limited liability company can only be done when the company is not to in a state of financial failure. This means that it has the means to pay its creditors, that is, to repay its debts. Otherwise, it must ask a judge (commercial court) to put it into judicial liquidation.

When the firm meets these criteria, the partners have the option of:

  • Carry out the dissolution, liquidation and deregistration operations themselves,
  • Give a third-party service the task of carrying out all or part of these procedures online.

In the first scenario, he will return to partners to carry out all the procedures with the dissolution and liquidation of their business. They will have to look for reliable models and complete the formalities themselves. They can also get help from one of the many legal agencies which are on Internet. In general, they offer, in their low prices, forms to be adapted online. They can also take care of the writing and distribution of legal notices and, more generally, of the entire closing process.

In the second option, the partners must choose the professional who will accompany them. The latter will carry out the closing procedures on their behalf and for their benefit. In order to do this, the shareholders of the SARL will have to determine the scope of the mission they wish to delegate to it. This can be an accountant, a jurist, a lawyer or even an online agency. Indeed, they also offer complete assistance for the online closing of an LLC.

Procedure for closing an LLC on the Internet

To terminate an LLC, it is necessary to follow two step : the dissolution Then liquidation. During the liquidation period, the liquidator is responsible for inventorying the company's assets, selling assets, collecting receivables and repaying debts. To do this, he must:

  • name a liquidator whose mandate does not exceed 3 years and set the seat of the liquidation,
  • Publish a legal announcement of dissolution in a newspaper authorized to publish it,
  • Apply foramending registration in the trade and companies register (RCS) online,
  • Render accounts to the partners,
  • Draw up a liquidation balance sheet, calculate a result (bonus or mali), write a report and convene the partners,
  • Publish a legal announcement of closing of the liquidation.

If the liquidation result results in a Cute, the EGM minutes must be recorded and a equity sharing is done. If necessary, the surplus, considered as income from movable capital, is subject to taxation.

Request for delisting of the SARL from the RCS

All suppression by Limited Liability Company (SARL) can only be done if it loses its moral personality. There fenced is therefore not considered permanent bases as long as the request radiation is not made with the trade and companies register.

This request can be made:

  • By going at the counter from the registry of the commercial court,
  • About the post office to the competent body,
  • Ou online on the infogreffe portal.

Closing an LLC online is sometimes preferable because it can be done more quickly. There on-line allows you to follow several steps:

  • Creation and configuration of the account,
  • Payment of rights and installation of the certificate,
  • Filling out the "M4" form online,
  • Sending the requested documents in a dematerialized way (pdf format),
  • Payment of closing costs by credit card.

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Closing an LLC online involves many steps to take. The company must first be dissolved and then liquidated. Finally, the partners will have to submit a request for delisting from the RCS. The complexity of this procedure may require support. Online legal platforms offer good value for money. 

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