THEextinction of a limited liability company (SARL) generates for the company and its associates, spending various. These closing and liquidation costs are partly linked to imposed procedures. But there may be other additional costs, for example escort costs. Here is the cost of closing an LLC.

cost to close sarl

Cost of the legal formalities for the dissolution and liquidation of an LLC

Closing an LLC may incur fees ranging from 500 to 850 €. These expenses are spread over two moments: during the dissolution of the SARL and during the liquidation of the operations.

Expenses to be paid upon dissolution of an LLC

As part of a early dissolution of an LLC, the partners are required to complete two administrative procedures. In particular, they must:

  • Broadcast a notice of dissolution in a journal of legal notices;
  • Provide certain documents, complete a form and submit the file to the registry of the commercial court.

Here the cost of each of these procedures :

Formalities for the dissolution of an LLC Amount including tax in 2022
Dissemination of a notice of dissolution 178,80 €
Application for modification of RCS registration 192,01 €
Total cost of the formalities for the dissolution of an LLC 370,81 €

These costs therefore represent a minimum of €370 in case of simple dissolution. If the SARL has establishments located in different registry jurisdictions, each registry issues an additional invoice of €44,17.

Expenses to be paid during the liquidation of an LLC

The dissolution of the SARL triggers a process of liquidation which requires specific actions on the part of the partners. They must :

  • Appoint a liquidator and allow him to carry out liquidation operations (inventory, sale of assets, collection of debts and reimbursement of liabilities);
  • Meet to approve the final liquidation accounts, discharge the liquidator and discharge his mandate;
  • Carry out new legal formalities (file the minutes of the EGM at the registration center of their SIE, publish a notice of closing of liquidation and request the removal of the SARL from the trade and companies register).

All of this procedures involve frais additional for the SARL. They are generally three in number:

Liquidation formalities of an LLC Price including VAT (for 2023)
Recording of EGM minutes €0 if the liquidation results in a mali
2,5% when a liquidation bonus appears
Distribution of notice of winding up 129,60 €
Request for removal from the RCS Free (unless the cancellation occurs more than a month after the dissolution *)
Total cost of formalities for the liquidation of an LLC 143,53 €
* Payment of €13,93 to be made in this case

If the company has several establishments, each added registry is subject to an additional remuneration of €10,72.

Cost of support to close a SARL

The partners of SARL who want end to their company can take the decision to take care of it alone or appeal to a professional (lawyer, accountant, etc.).

When they call upon a professional, they define the scope of the mission to be accomplished, whether it is a full support or an partial intervention. Legal tasks to delegate include:

  • The drafting of legal acts (minutes of general meetings of dissolution and liquidation),
  • Preparation and sending of legal announcements of dissolution and liquidation,
  • Filling in the forms for modifying registration in the RCS (M2) and request for definitive cancellation (M4),
  • The accounting treatment of liquidation operations and the preparation of final accounts (delegation only to a chartered accountant).

Un accompagnement costs money but it provides security for the closing operations of the company. There closing an online LLC starts at a reasonable price, from 180 € TTC. Additional costs for legal formalities are added to this amount. However, some more complex dissolutions require more intervention, which increases the cost.

Summary of Expenses Related to Closing a Limited Liability Company

Below is a summary of the costs incurred during the cessation and liquidation by SARL :

Steps Recording Advertising Filing of documents
Dissolution Optional (1) 178,80 Euros 192,01 Euros
Clearance 2,5% of profit (2) 129,60 Euros 13,93 Euros
TOTAL (3) Variable 308 Euros 206 Euros
(1) Formality abolished since January 1, 2021 (free if voluntary presentation)
(2) Only in case of distribution of a liquidation bonus
(3) Excluding support for the completion of formalities

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