You will find at Foundation-company-ricard an overview of price associated with the decline in share capital of a company (SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU, SA, SNC, SCA, etc.). We present the inspection prices in force for this procedure and answer the question: what is the cost of a capital reduction ?

Price to be paid for the registration of the deed deciding the reduction of the share capital

Reducing the share capital of a company, to regularize losses (or not), is an operation which involves spending approximately 300 €. This amount may increase, especially if the company cannot benefit from free registration.

Cost of registering the share capital reduction deed

When the partners opt to reduce the share capital of their company, the shareholders must draw up and sign a record extraordinary general meeting or a decision report of the sole shareholder (in the case of companies composed of a single shareholder).

This document must be recorded with the business tax department. For this purpose, the administration collects a fixed duty €375 or €500 depending on the size of the capital (greater or less than €225). This formality is for free if the reduction results in the cancellation or reduction of the par value or the number of securities with correlative reimbursement of the shareholders or in the repurchase of the company's own securities.

Costs related to support for a capital reduction

To estimate the total amount of a reduction in capital, it is necessary to add to the sum of the "legal" expenses those generated by a soutien provided by a expert. In this case, it is essential to take into account the salary paid to the individual who assists the company to carry out the reduction in capital. It can be a lawyer, a jurist or an accountant for example.

Their flexible mission can take the form of:

Le price de l 'can help depends on the professional chosen as well as the characteristics of the operation. “Classic” capital reductions can be carried out online on the Internet. In this case, the benefits are at a cost rather reasonable, about 180 €. For more complex capital reductions, this amount can be considerably higher.


What is the procedure for carrying out a capital reduction?

Answer: The procedure to follow to carry out a capital reduction is relatively complex and includes several steps. It is necessary to draw up an act of resolution, file a declaration with the financial markets authority, publish a notice in a journal of legal announcements and provide a financial report certified by a statutory auditor. accounts.

How long does the procedure take to carry out a capital reduction?

Answer: The duration of the procedure to carry out a capital reduction can take between 1 to 2 months, depending on the number of shares to be reduced and the number of formalities to be completed.

How much does a capital reduction cost?

Answer: The costs associated with a capital reduction are variable and depend on several factors such as the number of shares to be reduced, the amount to be reduced and the number of formalities to be completed. The costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

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