A increase in capital is an operation that can generally be performed online. Companies (EURL, SASU, SAS, SARL, SA, etc.) wishing to increase their share capital via Internet have different options. They can carry out the resulting formalities themselves, opt for professional help or use an online legal platform. Foundation-company-ricard offers how to increase your social capital online, that is to say on the Web.

increase social capital online

How to increase your social capital on the Web?

A company can increase its capital in two ways. It can, first of all, carry out all the processes necessary for the operation. For this, it has the possibility of resorting to models reliable that she will have found on sites Internet reliable. She will also have to take care of writing the minutes of the general meeting and legal announcement and then contact the competent interlocutors. Secondly, it can entrust the mission to another company. It can, in this case, call upon a chartered accountant, a jurist, a lawyer or even a online legal platform.

Developing the capital of an online business: the steps

Increase the capital of a company is a process that can be complex. It presupposes a certain formalism and adaptations depending on the legal form. However, the same basic steps must be followed:

  • The competent body decides on the increase of the capital,
  • The statutes are modified and an announcement is broadcast,
  • The Kbis extract update request is sent.

The conditions to be met to increase the capital

The methods to follow to increase the capital of a company depend on its status. Here is a recap:

Form Conditions for the capital increase
EURL The sole shareholder decides on the EURL capital growth. If he is not a manager, he must read a report before making his decision.
SASU It is always up to the sole partner to decideincrease the share capital of a SASU. The conditions are identical to those of an EURL.
SARL The partners choose, according to the conditions required for extraordinary decisions, toincrease the capital of the LLC.
SAS The law requires partners to make the decision toincrease the capital of an SAS.

Sometimes, the use of a professional (assessment auditor) is mandatory, particularly in the case of contributions in kind.

Update the company's articles of association

When the competent body decides to increase the capital of a company, it must simultaneously carry out a reorganization of its statutes. More specifically, it is necessary to reformulate the clauses of the articles of association affected by the change and in particular: that mentioning the capital amount and the one summarizing the contributions made by the partners.

In theory, it is up to the partners to take care of the steps necessary to modify the share capital. However, in practice, they can delegate this work to a person of their choice (the corporate officer or a third party).

Place a special announcement in a newspaper

The share capital is the security of the creditors. It is therefore considered to be important information, any variation of which must be brought to the attention of interested persons.

To ensure the dissemination of information, the law requires companies that increase their capital to announce the change within 30 days.

Le legal notice of capital increase must contain several mandatory information. Do not forget any.

Submit an online registration change request

After announcing to third parties that it has increased its capital, a company must update the information recorded in the trade and companies register on which it depends. This procedure results in particular in the issuance of a new Kbis extract, mentioning the new share capital.

To do this, the company must complete an amending registration form (known as the “M2” form) and submit it to the registry of the commercial court (or to the business formalities centre) accompanied by the following documents:

  • A certified true copy of the deed,
  • A certificate of deposit of funds (in case of cash contribution);
  • A version of the amended statutes,
  • A power, if any,
  • A copy of the certificate of publication of the legal announcement;
  • A check payable to the commercial court registry.

Le deposit of the file can be made by mail or on Internet via the infogreffe.fr portal. Increase your capital online usually saves time. This operation involves the following steps:

  • Creation and configuration of the account on infogreffe.fr,
  • Filling in the M2 form, proofreading and validation,
  • Uploading the required supporting documents,
  • Payment of capital increase costs by credit card.

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What is the best way to increase your capital online?

Answer: The best way to increase your capital online is to invest smartly in profitable financial products such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

What strategies can I use to increase my capital online?

Answer: There are several strategies to increase your capital online, including trading, day trading, long-term investing and diversification.

What are the risks associated with raising capital online?

Answer: The main risks associated with raising capital online are market risk, liquidity risk, derivatives risk and volatility risk.

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