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The advantages of business domiciliation

To carry out your activity in better conditions, do you want to set up your business without having to own premises? In this case, in Besançon, you can domicile your head office or create a secondary address with the support of a company specializing in this field. This will bring you many benefits.

Increased brand image and visibility

Indeed, the domiciliation of a head office allows you to strengthen the image of your company, since you will have a more prestigious commercial address than your own home. You can therefore choose a reputable business district, with a view to inspiring confidence in your business partners, your investors and of course, your customers. A strategic location can make your business more accessible to customers and partners. A well-located address can optimize your visibility and make it easier to locate. By relying on this solution, you will comply with certain legal obligations.

A distinction between professional and private life

What's more, the business domiciliation in Besançon, will allow you to separate the professional address and the personal address of your company. This can be important if you are a sole trader, wanting to maintain a clear distinction between your private life and your professional life.

Great geographic flexibility

Domiciliation provides geographic flexibility. You may choose an address in a different region than where you actually operate, which may be beneficial for strategic, fiscal or logistical reasons. By having a business address in Besançon, you will be able to create your Google Business profile, to appear on Google Maps of Besançon. If your business is growing and you open branches in other regions, domiciliation will make it easier for you to expand, without, however, having to change the address of the main head office. This option is more economical than renting a physical office, especially if your business is still small or if you mainly carry out your activities outside of a fixed office. Your new address can be different from the location where your activities take place, if you wish. In this way, you can have a business address in different cities to expand. This will allow you to expand your customer portfolio.

Services at your disposal

Some providers also offer additional services, including:

  • receiving mail,
  • management of telephone calls,
  • rental of meeting rooms,
  • setting up web and print communication,
  • provision of specific equipment such as overhead projectors, photocopiers, faxes, computers, internet access, etc.

These services are quite beneficial if you don’t need physical space full-time. However, before turn to business domiciliation, it is appropriate to consider certain essential aspects, in particular your real needs, the geographical location of the address, the services offered by your service provider, etc.

Tailor-made support

To begin this process, you can rely on experts who will support you throughout the process. They will help you establish your head office or secondary business address, in a first-class professional setting. Everything will be done to assist you with your administrative formalities. You will thus benefit from a physical address which will allow you to receive your letters, your administrative documents, etc. Your customers and the competent authorities will be able to contact you more easily.

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