What GTA software can do for your business today

No, this article has nothing to do with video games and even less with the title Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Here, the acronym GTA refers to Working Time and Activity Management. You will then understand that GTA software is a tool that allows you to better manage the time spent in your work and in your activities. But how does this translate into practice? In this article, we tell you more about the benefits of this type of software for your business.

Saving time and reducing errors

If you manually enter the working hours of your employees by indicating, for example, the arrival time and departure time, we imagine that it is time-consuming. And since it is also an activity that does not require a lot of intellectual effort, we are more inclined to make careless mistakes. This can be very frustrating since some of your employees could find themselves penalized.

This is why, thanks to the possibility of optimizing certain boring tasks, GTA software like the one present on the AGS website allows you to save time while reducing the number of errors!

Facilitating schedule management

The time allocated to this or that task is also something that must be managed in advance. By using advanced GTA software, managing schedules, absences and even leave is greatly facilitated. So in the event of an unforeseen event, you no longer have to take lessons since the software can adapt according to your real needs.

Furthermore, remember that it is also capable of managing compliance with legal and conventional obligations regarding working hours. This is important to emphasize since it is precisely when everything does not go as planned that we tend to pull too hard and end up in illegality. And if you don't count close your company, you have every interest in respecting the rules!

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