Which status to choose for an Antennaist?

Aerialists are technicians who take care of the installation, maintenance and reception of aerials and satellite dishes. They work for both individuals and businesses. It is therefore important for them to choose the right legal status for their activity in order to benefit from the best working conditions and profitability.

Auto-entrepreneur status

The Auto-Entrepreneur is the status that allows you to create a business quickly and easily. It is accessible to all those who wish to embark on the activity of aerialist. It offers considerable advantages such as administrative simplicity, agility and flexibility. Contributions are capped and payroll taxes are very low. It is therefore the ideal status for beginners.

SARL or SAS status

SAS and SARL are more complex statutes which are suitable for companies which have a significant activity and which need more flexibility. They may turn to the individual or corporate market for their business. They can also benefit from various aids and subsidies. However, they require substantial investments and a certain level of legal knowledge.

Low current installer status

Weak current installers are professionals who take care of the installation and maintenance of antennas and satellite dishes. They specialize in the installation and maintenance of DTT channels, satellite dishes and rake antennas. They are recognized by insurance companies and can benefit from preferential rates for installation and maintenance work.

Aid and subsidies for antenna technicians

The antenna technicians can benefit from various aids and subsidies for their activity. Auto-Entrepreneurs can benefit from aid for the creation and takeover of a business, as well as honorary loans and zero-interest loans. SARLs and SAS can benefit from loans at reduced rates, subsidies for investment and development, or training aid. There are also specific aids for the installation and maintenance of aerials and satellite dishes, in particular for low-current installers.

The skills required to be an antenna technician

To exercise the profession of aerialist, it is necessary to have technical skills and knowledge of electronics. It is also necessary to know the standards and regulations in force and to be able to manage an installation site. Antenists must be methodical, organized and conscientious people. They must be able to work in a team and communicate with their clients. Finally, they must imperatively hold the certification Qualifelec which is the quality label for electrical and electronics installers.

The working conditions of antenna staff

Antennists carry out their activity under variable conditions. Self-employed contractors and low-current installers generally work alone and have variable hours and wages depending on the number and nature of the sites. Aerialists working for companies have more fixed hours and more stable wages. Whatever the status, an antenna technician will have to travel regularly and work outdoors, in all weathers. He must therefore have a vehicle and be in good physical condition.


The choice of the legal status of an antenna specialist is very important. It depends on the size and importance of the activity but also on the objectives and ambitions. Auto-Entrepreneurs are perfect for beginners and professionals with a regular activity. SARLs and SAS are more suitable for companies that have a significant activity and a large number of customers. Finally, weak current installers specialize in the installation and maintenance of aerials and satellite dishes. Regardless of the status chosen, it is important to be well informed and to read the contracts carefully.

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